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Find out how we can improve credit with these simple tips


Find out how we can improve credit with these simple tips

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We want you to clearly understand how the credit dispute process works. For a brief overview of how the credit repair process works, see below. You can also call one of our Professional Case Analysts for a free consultation and they can explain the process to you and answer any questions you have.

The credit repair process is actually quite simple; however it does require you to be persistent, patient, and to understand how the process works. To get started we need all three of your credit reports. If you already have them that is great, if not we can help you order them. Once you send your credit reports to us, we will enter them on your case and post them to our interactive web page. We will begin sending out your dispute letters to all three credit bureaus. The next 45-50 days you will get updated credit reports and letters back from your creditors and the credit bureaus. They will come in plain white envelopes with just a return address in the upper left hand corner. Please make sure you open all of your mail. As you receive those updates, please send a copy of everything to us so we can update your case. We will continue our investigation process for you until your case is done or you choose to close your case.